Friday, July 29, 2011

The truth and nothing but the truth

So as per yesterdays quandary, I went with the truth, and like only a child could,both my boys handled it well. They asked a million questions about how and why and where did the body go. Then we spent the rest of the day at the beach with my sister in law and their cousins as a soothing reprieve and distraction.

Today's layout is more with my little bit of whimsy. As a west coast gal I love all things wood grain. The wood grain buttons paired with Core'impressions and the marvelously playful log end paper by Imaginisce, is a match made in heaven.
Perfect for this layout all about a tree fort!

The other star of this layout is the adorable layered chipboard owl by 3tails. I love the look of laser cut, it's fabulous as is and requires no extra work.

The perch is a medley of my little bit of whimsy leaf pins, an acorn button and the wood grain button. I love the 3D appeal.
Hope that you all have a wonderful August long weekend!


Thursday, July 28, 2011

To lie or not to lie....

Well the sad news is that I had to put the family cat down, she was such a wonderful cat with such personality and was my eldest son's best bud. So now what do I tell him? The truth is gonna break his heart and I really just want to tell him she went mouse hunting and has not returned. But I suppose kids need closure just as much as adults right?? {sigh} Not sure what to do! I think today might be a good day to sooth their souls by the sea and my own. Fill the day with good things.

Here are some good things that I posted with My Little bit of Whimsy this month.

Some great texture buttons

and using a cloud button in a unique fashion

Products used: Rocket age by October Afternoon and Core'dinations and button by My little bit of Whimsy


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Winter Wednesday

Are you ready for winter??? HA, we finally got some summer here and I am scrapping Christmas with Imaginisce's newest collection Santa's little helper. I love this adorable line with snowmen, penguins, trees, birdies and more. This first layout is a wonderful mix with Some Jillibean Soup Core'Impressions and Kraft this works great for showing off the snag'em stamps.

This next one features my favorite little gingerbread fellow and a little elf!! Love em!

There is lots more inspiration on the Imaginisce Blog this week it is our BIG release party, and I know for a fact the gals have whipped up all sorts of Holiday inspiration.


Monday, July 25, 2011

Crafty Monday

Ok friends as promised today I've got some fun to share with you!! The Core'dinations gals and I were challenge to do a project with as many embossing folders as we could fit. I have never counted how many embossing folders that I have, like most of us I just bought ones that I love along the way. I was shocked to discover that I own almost 70, Oh my!! So I set to work creating this fun filled layout that uses, count em, 30 embossing folders!!

The best thing about this was that is was a FABULOUS use of scraps, the whole thing was created with bits and pieces from my scrap pile, the only whole piece of paper was the back ground.

This was also a great use of all those OA Stickers that I have, as you all know I have a weakness for OA. My collection was getting a little out of hand so I am making an effort to reach for them and not horde them.

What are you challenging yourself with right now? Give this challenge a try it was so much fun!!


Saturday, July 23, 2011

It is gonna turn around

I can feel it, this is gonna be the week that things start climbing up.  I try not to dwell on the bad, but I am overwhelmed at the number of negatives this month. It started three weeks ago with the death of my husbands 29 year old cousin, it was a shock to the whole family. It was sudden and as of yet is unexplained. This news was followed shortly by the news that my godfather had passed, his death was not unexpected, as he had terminal cancer, but tragic and heartbreaking none the less. Only a few days later we get a phone call saying my Opa has had a heart attack and is in the hospital, he needed to have a stint put in and now he is thankfully recovering and taking it easy at home.

"OK breath Lydia take it one day at a time......"

The next morning my Mom calls and informs me that my dad is in the hospital, she is coming a little un-glued and is only able to tell me that he may need surgery. Apparently they thought it was appendix but turns out it is not, they think that it is something called diverticulitis.......still unsolved but improving.

Ok so at this point I am getting scared..........Every time the phone rings I am afraid of what is going to come at me next.......A weekend of camping should be a much needed get away right?.......It was a great distraction I spent most of the trip trying to keep things dry, as it rained the whole time. Discovered we had a leak somewhere in our not so old trailer and there is a little floor rot. Great, just great!!! I arrived home with the intense need to shower and do laundry and crash, only to discover the my {insert BAD word here} of a brother has been at my house and has ridden my 5 year olds quad around the yard UUUuuum he is 200lbs and this little quad has a 70lbs weight limit. He does not have permission to be here, let alone start up equipment he knows nothing about. Now I am airing my dirty laundry a bit here, but I am FURIOUS, my husband is about to lose it and I have enough crap on my plate that the last thing I need to do is to fix a quad and deal with feelings of personal invasion.

Oh wait there is more......we unpack and when our cat comes to welcome us home, she is nothing but a bag of bones and is walking like a zombie. What now?? We take her straight to the vet and she is dehydrated, feverish and has some sort of infection. This continues for 2 more days at the vets office on IV antibiotics and fluids, and $700 later, she is still not well but the fever is gone and I can take her home and try to get some food in her. I've simply crossed my fingers and hope she recovers, there is nothing more that we can afford to do for her.

Well that brings us to today.......  it is the start of a new day right?? After all you can't have rainbows without the rain!
I am painting, crafting, cleaning, crying anything and everything to purge myself of my negativity, fear, frustration and anger. I know with my entire being that there are so many out there that have it worse than I do.  I am humbled by that and am hopeful that things will be on the up and up soon enough. I promise that I will have some wonderful crafty goodness for you first thing Monday Morning until then..................I am just taking the weekend to make life better.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Crafty goods

Ok so I can share a couple more things that I have been working on for the last bit. A friend of the family is due to have her first baby in early September and she did not have a lot in the way of decor. So I went to my local fabric store and selected some flannel and made her this collection of receiving blankets.

These adorable little hedge hogs then inspired me to paint this little fellow. This painting is about 18 in x 30 in and I think that he is just cute as a button. Do you think he is ok for boy or girl?

Then classes have just gone up for sale for the crop for kids event that I will be teaching at and here is a sneak peak of what else I have in store.

I am so excited to be teaching at this event with my side kick Cari Locken, this is gonna be a great fundraiser. Hope that I see some of you there!!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

and so it continues....

Wow this so called summer continues to fly by at an alarming rate, we went on our annual family cousins camping trip and to give you an idea of what "summer" looks like right now this picture should explain it better than words.....

Tarps, tarps and guessed it tarps!! An entire family camp covered!!
It sprinkled and poured almost the entire trip, but that did not dampen our spirits after all we are Canadians. :) The kids swam, the men made fires and fished and the women folk helped keep everyone fed and warm with food and hot chocolate.

This trip had 10 children and one of the best ways to keep them busy is with a stick, some rope and a tree!! F-U-N

Anyways just keeping you all in the loop, life continues to be busy. I've been crafting like crazy and I will have lots to share with you soon. I hope you will take a minute to stop by the Core'dinations Blog, the sneaks there are so exciting. I am in love with the Kraft Core not to mention the spots, oh how I love dots!!


Monday, July 11, 2011

I've been busy!!

Wow, I have neglected this little blog for the last week. Things have been so busy and crazy. I swear there must be something in the air because it has been like a series of unfortunate events. I won't dwell on the sad and the bad because that is not my nature but the good things are that I photographed a wedding on Saturday. This beautiful bride and groom were so much fun and I glad the sun shone for their amazing day.

In other BIG news, hold on to your socks, this is all NEW from Core'dinations. I cannot wait to get a hold of this stuff.

Lastly I have been Invited to teach the BC Crop for Kids this sold out event raises thousands of dollars for the Children's Hospital and I am honored and thrilled to be a part of it. Here is a sneak peak of what I will be teaching.

So that is what I have been up too, today our concrete floor is going in so off I go to get a little dirty!!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Core'dinations color challenge

It is summer time and the weather is high, gonna reach right up and touch the sky..... I wish, still dreaming of summer here on the west coast. These photos are from beachy days last year and they were just the right fit for the Core'dinations color challenge.

This month the design team was inspired by this photo

Here is the color scheme that we are using

I hope you will join me in creating with this wonderful palette and check out what else the Core'dinations Design team has come up with!!


Monday, July 4, 2011

New Monthly Challenge

Wow July,  where did June go?  Well you know what that means, it is time for a new monthly challenge with Imaginisce. This Month we have the pleasure of working with one of Aphra's sketches, for my layout I had a horizontal photo so I just flipped the sketch on the side.

The other part of this challenge is make it Monocramatic.

For these little paw prints I used a little cheat, I did not have any tiny orange gems so I just used clear and colored them with my orange copic marker!!

I really hope you will join us for this months challenge and don't forget to link it up and share on the Imaginisce Blog.


Saturday, July 2, 2011


I hope all my Canadian friends had a wonderful Canada Day, however it is hard to believe it is the 1st of July and there are still wood stoves burning in my area. It is cold!! For the first time ever there is skiing on our local mountain {Mount Washington}. We chose to celebrate with a great day at home, my husband took the day off to build a tree fort for the boys and they were thrilled.

Tannin wanted a sign, I was surprised when he didn't write something like , beware, or do not enter. He simply wrote Treetop fort and explained to me that the guy on the sign was black beard!!

I think they like it!!

Happy Canada Day and Happy 4th of July

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