Sunday, December 30, 2012

Farewell 2012

To all my online friends I hope that you have had a Merry Christmas.

 Mine was merry indeed, filled to the brim with family, friends, games and laughter. I did manage to stick to my December Daily, in that I managed to take photos everyday. I have printed them and half of them are on pages, however as the big day approached I ran out of evening time so the journalling is not quite done. So if you don't mind a little more Christmas, I will share them over the next couple weeks. I hope that I will be able to photograph them with my new Christmas gift......right now thought it looks like this. My clever and creative hubby made this {it is ABS pipe} when the new prime lens he ordered for me did not show up. Hopefully it will show up before I leave for CHA.

I've also been working hard on projects for the show, those will be shared during CHA. This year it is earlier than normal, which made it really hard to get things done over the holidays.

2012 has been one of the most momentous years of my life, I am really not sure how I am ever going to top it. I am a little sad to see it go actually. This year has both tested and strengthened me.

I don't usually do resolutions because I truly believe that any day is a good day to change your life for the better. But I do plan to continue to work harder at being frugal, thrift shop more, be more playful in the kitchen, create quality memories with my family and try really hard not to sweat the small stuff. 

Blessings to you all, I am so grateful for all poeple who I am surrounded by both in real life and those I have been lucky enough to meet and befriend online.
Be safe and Happy New year!


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Winners winners everywhere

Good morning my friends, today is my birthday so I am already a winner......but what about you? Well it is time to check out this Core'dinations post and read it all the way to the end there is a surprise for all my friends who participated in our hard core crop:)

As for me, I am so thankful  for the gifts that I already have. These beautifaul faces are the best thing a girl could ever ask for.

much love


Saturday, December 8, 2012

 I am thoroughly enjoying the 25 days in December Album, it is really challenging me to see all the wonderful things that we do for the holidays and to get out my camera to document it. I love that it makes me get out my camera EVERYDAY, I am captureing a whole bunch of other wonderful moments that I will take the time to scrapbook later. For day 5 we built a lego Christmas village.

For day 6, we went to see this years holiday film, the Rise of the Guardians. This was the best film that I have seen all year. I LOVED it and I will be adding this to my Christmas collection as soon as it comes out on video.

My little Piper is enjoying her first holiday season too, Today we got our tree and I can't wait till she wakes up from her nap so that I can show her the lights.



Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Making a list

So for Day 3 of our December Daily, we created a small forest of waffle cone Christmas Trees, this mess was a lot of fun and a tasty treat.

Day 4 We wrote our letters to Santa, I created these pocket pages to hold the letters

and when you open the pocket, the inside shows the photos of them writing.

I am purposely trying to keep these pages more on the flat side, the book is already a bit think and I want to be able to keep this book on the shelf.

Hope all is Merry at your House
 TTFN ;)


Monday, December 3, 2012

Welcome December

Although I am few days short on my blog post, I am incredibly proud of myself for getting my December Daily done on time and have now started to fill it's pages. It's  encouraging me to get out my camera this holiday season and engage in more festive activities all month long. Some of these pages you may have seen before, I worked on them during the Core'dinations Hard Core' crop, but most of them are new. I will be posting them all December long.....I figure that is what I can handle for scrapping this December.

December is always an insane month, on top of all the normal festivities we also have a TON of birthdays, including my own and my son's. I get so wrapped up in the whirlwind, I rarely slow down to really enjoy it. This year is going to be different......I cross my heart. This year, to heck with the mess, I am giving myself permission to play with my 3 beautiful children and not get upset over the mess that celebration and creativity create. I will say yes to them more often. I will spend more time with them, I will not be so preoccupied with perfection that I don't see the beauty in their proud little faces, as they show off their crooked endeavours. This December this is my goal, See Joy........find it everywhere. I need to do that, I crave it, the light hearted feeling of laughter, the elation of Charity, and the power of forgiveness. This for me will be the spirit of the season.

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