Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Freezie the snow penguin

A snow penquin??? You wanna build a snow penguin?? Oh yeah, penguins live in the snow!! I love the reasoning of a 3 year old!!! So natually we built a snow penguin and here he is in all his glory!!

Today over at Imagininsce the design team is sharing all sorts of holiday treasures!! If you are looking for a little inspiration be sure to check it out.



  1. gorgeous LYdia. just gorgeous. love the colour combo.

  2. your snow penguin looks wayyyyyyyyyyy better than my snowman attempt....I think I need some personal lessons hint hint!!!!!!

  3. Wow! Is that this year?? You guys got a lot of snow!!

  4. I lived most of my life far away from snow, so when I got to college I built a snow BEAR -- I just love polar bears and it seemed like the most appropriate thing to build out of snow. A friend of mine even got it a Coca-Cola bottle to finish it off :)

  5. Let's just say that snow penguin is absolutely AMAZING!! I want to learn how to make one!! I mean I want DH to learn it, lol. Super duper cute page!! love it!


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