Thursday, December 15, 2011

So what was I up too??

So why was my weekend a doozy you ask?? First I wanted to take some family photos for my Christmas cards, so here is the one I got, Thank goodness for my  tri pod and remote!! There were tons of outtakes!!!

Next we've got birthdays galore, my hubby gave me my birthday present early to help with the mountain of baking.
A shiny new Kitchen Aid {insert happy face here}

so the first batch of holiday treats for friends and neighbours was made

Delicious peppermint meringues, I found the recipe here but I added 1\4 tsp cream of tartar to my egg whites to stabilize them and get a little more stiffness to my meringue.

Next I whipped up 6 bags of royal icing for my son's class, they were making gingerbread houses!!

Then My nieces birthday cake, she loves sheep!!

This was a 4 layered vanilla, chocolate, coconut cake!

Next was Levi's Birthday, my baby boy turned 4, sadly I don't have a great picture of this cake, It was a case of the midnight baker and birthday Choas. It however had his favorite animals, a pig a chicken and a sheep!!

After the party {which was actually on my birthday} my gift to me was to abandon the mess to my loving husband and go out for some AMAZING thai food at a local restaurant called Keenaree, I get hungry just looking at these photos!!

So that was my weekend, I went through 13.2 pounds of icing sugar, had more than a few late nights and I can finally relax into the Christmas spirit.......I'm looking forward to it now that I can breath!!



  1. wowow I LOVE that chrissy photo, just stunning, I soooooooooooo love your baking wish I lived closer to tr it out!

  2. You have got to be kidding! What a weekend :)

  3. I love your Christmas photo too! Great job on the baking, the little sheep guy is adorable!

  4. wow great photo and love these cute little peppermint cookies.. thanks for the recipe. I think I am going to try them.

    That little Sheep is too cute...

  5. well happy birthday lydia and Levi! love the mixer!! drool drool... and the cookies are beautiful... glad you are in the spirit now and feeling the season more than the stress.... for now ;-)

  6. Happy Birthday Lydia - LOVE the family photo! The baking - girl come to my house - I HATE to bake!


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