Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Get in shape

No I don't mean I'm going on a diet or running on a tread mill...................although for me that might be a good idea LOL. Today on the Imaginisce Blog, the team and I have been cooking up all sorts of shapely things. Today is all about shaped cards!! I pulled together a pretty classic pumpkin shape for fall.

Here is my little trick for today, I use this quite often!!
Use your i-roc like a curling iron!
BE CAREFUL, the tip is super hot and will burn you, also make sure that your ribbon or twine is NOT plastic because it will melt.
Sometimes I will get my i-roc hot and then hold it between my knees, so that I have two hands too wrap the ribbon with, this method works the best if you only have a short piece to work with.

Check out the other wonderful cards today on the Imaginisce Blog



  1. aww this card is that pumpkin...

  2. That is one adorable card! I so love that cute little pumpkin shape!

  3. Lydia~love the card. Such a cute idea. It looks 3 d. Great design!!!:):)

  4. Cute way to greet :), like it too much :)...
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