Monday, November 22, 2010

Prepping and packing

I am so excited about my retreat this weekend!! So this week I am printing my photos planning a number of layouts and pulling together the pattern papers. In essence I create little kits. It is a bit of work, but then I have to take less with me and can spend more time gabbing and less time looking for stuff.

People always ask me "What do you take to a retreat?" and I mostly say the things you use the most and tons of adhesive.

The second thing that I always take with me are my cardstock packs. I bring my Core-dinations Sugar and Spice pack and Ebony and Ivory Pack. This is a quick no worries grab, because between those two packs I have every color I would need , the white wash guarantees that I have every neutral shade and if you are a fan of browns like I am the sugar and spice pack really has you covered.

In addition to prepping for this I am also getting ready for my sons third birthday coming in December, this year his theme is Gingerbread Men. He loves them!! So I have a ton of really cool ideas. I am trying to get plenty of stuff done in advance cause this year I really want to go all out, for as cheap as possible. Which always means there is a lot of do it yourself stuff. First was this banner.
Here is a close up of the first letter.
There will be lots more photos, of all the neat stuff I am creating after his birthday. I have been so inspired by this awesome site called Tomcat Studio, these gals really know how to throw a party.



  1. thanks for sharing that link, COOL, love your banner brown and red are just perfect for each other

  2. Love your banner and have a fun retreat!!!!! Get TONS done!

  3. Ohhh cute banner.
    I am sure you will have a blast at your retreat :)

  4. Gorgeous banner! Have loads of fun!


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