Friday, June 24, 2011

The Big BooK!!

Oh I do hope that our postal system in Canada gets back on track soon!! I am waiting for my copy of the The big book, I submitted to this over a year ago and have a layout in it.

I have a hard time creating serious pages, we are a goofy, smiling bunch and it is not often that I sit down and journal about things that are deeper or have photos that I think would match that mood. I had my camera out taking mud puddle pictures when my son fell down and I clicked this shot. I took the opportunity to write about some of the ups and down he may face in his life and delve a little deeper. I need to remember to do this more often, for myself as well. Here is the page.



  1. aaaw, love it :) I got mine earlier this week, so yours should arrive soon :)

  2. My hubby went to the post office here to mail something to Canada and they wouldn't take it! He was told he has to wait until the strike is over.

  3. OOOO totally love this deisgn here Lydia, fabulous concept I think we all need to do more of these types of layouts, hopingw e get that book in Australia soon1


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