Saturday, January 5, 2013

The first week of 2013

This week has been a pretty good start, We started our new year at a wonderful friends house, it was a whole night of delightful appy's, games and conversation. Then at the stroke of midnight we had our own little pop of fireworks. It was loud and boisterous, just how I like it.

I have been working on getting my December Daily done, here are pages 9,10 and 11
9 is about all the wonderful book that we read in December, there are over 25 now. I wrapped them all last year which was kinda cool to open every night for the boys, but it took forever to wrap all of them and it seemed like a bit of a waste of paper. So this year I just put them on the shelf and the kids took turns choosing one ever night. These books are special and are only out at Christmas so it makes it a treat to read them.

Levi Had several birthday get togethers this yeas, 2 with family and one with friends, our current house is simply too small to fit them all, on this one Mommy made some of the best cupcakes I have ever had, brown sugar icing and butter pecan cakes, seriously delish.

In this one my boys are trying to hide the Christmas pickle, they look forward to part the most when we decorate the tree. 

Right now I am counting down the days until I leave for CHA, I am both unbelievably excited and totally nervous as this will be my first time away from Baby Girl. I am sure she will be fine, I am not so sure about my husband.



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