Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back to our regularly scheduled programming

Wow, what a holiday!!! It has been quite a whirlwind of activity around here and like some relatives, I was thrilled to have it arrive and equally happy to see it go. All the stress mess and choas have left and today I have my house back in order. The gifts that I made over the holidays turned out wonderful and now that the gifts have been given I can share a couple here. First up are these mini aprons, they are used to hide dish soap!

The second thing that I sewed were the matching full size aprons. Sadly I forgot to photgraph them before they got wrapped so..... I only have this photo of one of them.


We also did several woodworking projects and made a game for the kids called Bangerang, It is kinda like yatzee only it is played with color instead of numbers.
Now it is time to get back to my scrap room and get creating with paper again. I will have some wonderful new things to share with you soon.



  1. Oh wow those mini aprons are adorable!! Happy New Year!

  2. Those mini aprons are a riot! Love them!

  3. those mini aprons are darling - great idea :D

    love the big apron too - very talented :D

  4. CUTE gift ideas!!! Do you have a pattern for them? I might have to make my mom something like that next year... or for her birthday.

  5. these are so great! cute
    cute cute

  6. Oh, my gosh!!! Those apron sets are ADORABLE!!! :D I sooo wish I could sew now!

  7. Wow! How cute are those aprons!?!? Great gift!


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