Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Getting Organized for the New Year

So I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas, mine was filled with joy and surprises. I asked for nothing this year and so everything that I got was a wonderful surprise. My hubby got me a Wii fit. This thing is so much fun what a great way to work out!! Thinking I might have to get the biggest loser game!! Got a macro lens for my camera, can't wait to play with this when the weather improves and the best thing of all is that it is not quite over yet. I got these photos in my email. Do you know what this is??? This is one of two new Scrapbooking Desks that my husband is making me. I am stoked all of these drawers are on rollers and there is a ton of storage in both. I will keep you posted on there development.
In the mean time I thought I would show you what my Scrap room looks like and a little project.

This is where I currently Scrap, it is a wonderful and sunny spot but I must admit that I think that I will be moving into the living room when my desk is complete. I love to scrap at night close to my hubby and there is not enough room in this space for him the couch and TV.

Lots of people ask me about the bins here on the left. I picked up these bins for 7$ ea at London Drugs a few years back and they are fabulous. Each drawer comes right out and has a label so that I can find everything easily.

Here is my little organizer project. I picked up this inexpensive desk organizer at Staples and I was not a huge fan of the blue paisley. I recovered the insides with this great wood grain paper from Reminisce and used one of their owl stickers for the front {I have a huge love of Owls} and then I filled the whole thing with my most used tools and now it sits on my desk.
My Family and I are heading out of town for a few days to spend the New Year with friends so this will be my final post of 2009. As a final note I just want to say thank you to all of you. I had no idea what to expect when I started blogging 9 months ago and it has been more enjoyable than I could have imagined. Your comments keep my pumped. I have made some great friends and it has shown me a whole new world of scrapbookers.

So A GREAT BIG THANK you from this Scrapper and we will see you in the New Year.



  1. fantastic desk and love seeing how you are organized!

  2. You've got a great place to scrap! I have a nice room, but it's always such a mess! I love your organizer-gotta love the Reminisce papers and owl sticker!

  3. Love the new desk! Have a great New Year!

  4. WOW!! Sounds like you had a GREAT Christmas!! That desk looks amazing! Love your organizer too!! Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  5. I love owls too, and I love what you did with that organize. Wish I were so creative and visionary to think of that! Love your scrap space now, but I too would love to have my scrap space near DH & TV (and little ones while they play). Sigh... in my dreams... .
    Have a happy holiday!

  6. This is BEYOND organized, wowser!!! I always admire people who have that ability to be organized, the personality and all. I'm not one of these people :( Love the owl :)))))) so so so cute.

  7. your husband is INCREDIBLE to make you this desk!!!

    love the owl and the organizer you made over!!!

    also love the flower painting on the wall - gorgeous space :D

  8. Your desk is going to be awesome! Love the idea of altering the Staples organizer -- think I'll have to give that a try!

  9. That is an awesome desk. You DH is very talented.


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