Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Big 3-0

Well it has been a super weekend around here so far, Yesterday I celebrated my 30th birthday with friends and family. I want to say a big Thank you to those who came tubing up the mountain with me it was a total blast. In the morning my mom took me out for breakfast and we stopped at a grppvy antique shop where I found this incredibly groovy rooster.
Next it was off to the hat shop (I love hats) where I treated myself to a new hat and one for my baby boy.

Then I celebrated with a taco salad dinner before heading up to mount washington to go tubing.
The festivities have not stopped yet as it is my babies 2nd birthday today. So right now I am a little slow on the crafts but I will have a ton of photos to play with soon. Wow Christmas is so close now who knows when I will next get into my craft room!



  1. happy 30th, sounds like a great day :D

  2. Happy 30th Birthday! And happpy 2nd birthday to your baby too!

  3. Happy birthday Lydia! Welcome to the land of the 30's. It's fabulous!! Hope you continue to enjoy all the birthday festivities - both yours and your baby!

  4. Happy 3oth Birthday Lydia!! Sounds like you're having a great time celebrating! Happy Birthday to your son too!!

  5. Happy birthday to you & ur little boy!! I love ur cool hat & that rooster is gorgeous :)

  6. Happy (belated) 30th Birthday!!!


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