Thursday, April 8, 2010

My New Nook

I have dreamed of these desks for the last three years, I have planned and organized and waited, and waited and waited. It was so worth it. You have seen a couple of previews and now for the finished product!!!

Don da da da!!

All my containers to store embellishments

There is a place for everything, tucked away nice and neat!! Scraps and cuttle bug drawer, Stamp drawer

Drawers for my punches
A spot for my sewing machineA spot for my ribbons and buttons

A hide away for my printer and Klic n Kut 

I am in love!!! Now to get scrapping!!



  1. WOW - gorgeous space!!! SO CLEAN!!!! So organized!!! Me likey!

  2. I'm green with envy (not to mention your supplies itself) :) To even have a spot for your sewing machine ... Enjoy!!!

  3. Beautiful. Love that everything has its place.

  4. Those desks are amazing! It's nice to have a clean, uncluttered space!

  5. Oh how lovely is that room!! You have lots of natural light which is perfect! Someday I will have a room solely for my craftiness... someday...

  6. I love your customized nook! (I have a nook too, but it's improvised, not customized ;) )
    And great light.
    Lucky lucky you!

  7. This looks great! I love your table in front and back with swivel chair approach.

  8. Oh my word! I love that you even have a drawer for you sewing machine. What a great scrap space you have.

  9. Beautifulness!!! And I always wondered how to spell Don da da da!!!

  10. Woohoo! They look awesome Lyd!! You are so lucky to have such a handy man!!

    So when are we scrapping?? ;)

  11. I am too in love!! so organized and clean and wonderfully spacious and WELL lit! congrats!!


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