Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hello Lola

Good Morning and what a lovely morning indeed. This is the face that I woke up to this morning, this is Lola our new kitten. We just brought her home last night and we just love her, the boys perhaps a little too much, Big hugs for tiny cat, not so good. However she has been fantastic and easy going and even our dog has been good with her. Oooooh can't wait to cat scrap!! LOL
Lydia :)



  1. cute cute cute! And how funny that we both got such similar kittens one day apart!

  2. omg this kitten is too cute. I want a kitten!

  3. love that face, she's gonna pounce :D

  4. I love that photo--her eyes are so focused on something! She is definitely going to provide tons of fun layouts :)


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