Monday, December 13, 2010

That was fun!!!

What a weekend!!! This weekend we celebrated my birthday and my baby boys 3rd birthday. It was so much fun, we went and got our Christmas tree and then decorated it. We do this every year on my birthday and I love it.
I rarley get any photos of the tree decorating because I am so busy doing it, but this year I had an idea. As we begun to decorate the tree, I set up my camera nearby on a tripod, and used my remote to trigger it at random intervals. My son also took a turn with the remote, so there are some really fun poses, that made me laugh.
Every night for the last two months, my little one has had me read Ginger Bread Friends {by Jan Brett}. So for his birthday I did a ginger bread theme. I made little ginger bread signs and ginger bread hot tubs for hot chocolate and coffee. {you can click on them for close ups}
I also thought I would try a fondant cake this year, I now know why wedding cakes cost so much. LOL!!! It was a lot of fun though.
and today is the big day over on the Core-dinations blog, we've got 12 days of techniques happenning. Pop over there for lots of great tips for your paper, plus a few holiday give aways.
I hope that each of you are enjoying a very merry holiday season so far.
Big hugs!!



  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! The gingerbread birthday is AWESOME! Love it! And getting some tree-decorating pics if GREAT!

  2. Wow, that cake is a work of art! Fantastic!!

    Happy belated b-day to you as well as your son!


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