Sunday, December 26, 2010

My favorite Christmas Tradition

 One of my favorite Traditions has always been Christmas Jammies.......this year when I started looking..............I did not see any that I really loved..........lots of skiing and snowboarding, monster trucks and super hero's.......but not a  lot of Christmas.  So this I year I decided to make some for both my boys and my niece.  I wanted them to co-ordinate but not match so I bought several different fabrics. Here was what I created!
One of the coolest things about these Jammies are the custom buttons that I made with my i-top. How cool is that???
My youngest got these Jammies, my eldest got a similar pair, but the pattern is more like hospital scrubs.
and this is my cutie patootie niece. I used this adorable Fa la la la la Material. So the boys had matching shirts, and the babies had matching pants.
I so wish that they would not grow so fast so these fit longer, I just love how they turned out. But I suppose that is the nature of children. I had a very Merry Christmas indeed and I hope you did too. Will share more soon!!



  1. I absolutely love these PJ's. You did an amazing job making them, and the buttons are so pretty. I think you made this tradition all the more special because you made these. If it was not too much work you should do it every Christmas. One of my wishes for this year is to learn how to is a dream of mine. If I manage to do it, I will be "borrowing" this idea from you for next year. Wish me luck.


  2. Squealin' cute! I NEED that tool...! :D

  3. awwww how cool do they look, yo will have to give me sewing lessons hehehe, what a fab tradition to have too!

  4. pjs are awesome Lydia but how cool are those buttons. love those! - hera


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