Friday, May 13, 2011

Australia at a glance {picture heavy}

G'day everyone, so I am sorry that I have not posted until now, as many of you know blogger has been having issues, things seem to be fixed now. So I am back from my trip to Australia, the Print Blocks event was fabulous. I met lots of amazing people laughed until my sides hurt and over all had a blast. This first shot is of me and my friend and new Core'dinations DT member Kim Jeffress, It was so AWESOME to be with her when the DT was announced. Her extreme excitement was incredible to behold and I am so glad that I got to be a part of it. Plus having her in the booth and classroom was FABULOUS she was so much help!! THANK YOU KIM!!

This is a shot of one of the classes that I taught these ladies were so much fun!!

It was a full house

Ok believe it or not this is a pancake house!!! It was so cool we ate there twice!

Notice the seats are old pews. This is Jenny from Clearsnap and Adam from Prima fantastic people to hang out with.

I tried to fit as much of Australia as I could, into the two days after the show.
So the first stop was the Australia Zoo, Koala's are adorable!

Kangeroo's are friendly

Crocodiles are scary!

We headed up to a more mountainess setting these are the rolling hills of the glass mountains. Where we had lunch in the town of Montville.

In this wonderful restaurant called the poets cafe, the tropical views of the out back were amazing.

I could not visit Australia without at least one trip to the beach, this beautiful beach boasted warm water and soft sand as far as the eye could sea, I could have stayed there for a week, maybe next time!!

So that is my trip in a nut shell, I am glad to be home now and this weekend I am headed back to my scrap table, I've got some great Aussie photo's to scrap!!



  1. What fun pics! I am totally jealous--I've always wanted to go to Australia. What an amazing experience AND so fun that you and Kim got to hang out!

  2. Ok I am all teary now...........

  3. that looks like soooo much fun :D

  4. Looks like a great time! Thrilled to be working with you another year at Core!

  5. It looks like you had an amazing trip!

  6. Ok I've long since come to terms with my envy over your awesome photo taking ability... but how you manage to get fantastic photos of YOURSELF is beyond me! Teach me Obi Wan!! ;)


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