Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The obsessed Scrapper

As I was blog cruising the today I found this on The Lonely Scrapbookers Blog I am not sure if technically I passed or failed but there is no doubt I am an obsessed Scrapper.

1. You keep an extra camera in your purse at all times. Yup!
2. You own fourteen different types of adhesive and know for what each is best. Yes again!
3. You speak “vendor” language – Bazzill, Tombow, Cosmo Cricket. It is sad but true!
4. You love acronyms – MAMBI, BG, SU, Hero, SEI, MM. Tampoco. I am not sure if I love them, but yes I do use them.
5.You have been known to dress your children to match scrapbook paper you plan to use when scrapbooking the event you’re about to attend. Sometimes
6.You only have coupons for Hobby Lobby, Michaels and JoAnn in your grocery coupon organizer. This one not so much, but only because I don;t have any of those places where I live.
7.You consider renaming your child because there are never enough E’s in the alphabet packages. No, but there is never enough N's {my eldests name is Tannin) but this is the reason I own a cutter.
8.You own several different die cutting machines…and use them all. I own 2. The first one cuts everything and anything my heart could desire or dream of and I never have to buy Cartridges. It is called a Klic-n-Kut and I love love love it, and a cuttle bug that I really only use to emboss.
9. You have a great relationship with Jenni, Martha, Elsie, Heidi, Donna and Tim. Not really, but I do know to whom they are referring to.
10.You take photos of odd things because you know still-life photos look cool on scrapbook pages. A little bit but only when it is to tell a specific story.

Diagnosis: Obsessed with scrapbooking!



  1. How cute is this and HOW TRUE!!!! :-)

  2. i fit alllll of the above :D never heard of the klic-n-kut though!


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