Friday, September 3, 2010

A letter to my blog

Dear little Blog
I am sorry that I have not written in a while things have gotten a little out of hand here at the Jackson house. Apparently motherhood and life is not as easy as some make it look. I am struggling a little with some terrible twos, also having a few pangs of heart ache as I send my eldest to school, and to be totally honest I am really beginning to wonder if I have made the right choice in trying to build a house at this time in my life. Ridiculous things just keep happening!! Like the stove that starts beeping at midnight for no reason and then quits working, the cat gets an ear infection, an allergy to my wedding ring, potty training regression. I mean really the list goes on and on.  Add that to the normal "getting ready for fall" activites, and the end of the summer get togethers, at the end of the day this Momma is pooped!

But make no doubts, life will get back on track shortly. The rains have started and with them the need to be indoors creating. Here is my most recent layout, We went to see the moster truck rally a little while back, it was unbelievable those guys are nuts!!
If you want to know where the tiny little OA elements come from, I used the sheet that comes at the front of the kit {you know the one that shows you whats inside} and cut out the little pieces, so cute and so thrifty!!

Hope your doing well



  1. Boy, I hear too! Sure love your layout...hope you get back on track!

  2. Love your LO!!!
    My grandpa used to always say 'this too shall pass'. I know I keep repeating it like a mantra myself lately!!!
    Hope things get smoother! :D

  3. Have you been spying on my life Lydia...sounds just like me LOL, hoping things settle down for you soon I miss your inspiration!!fun fun layout Lydia

  4. I love the layout--the design and OA are just fabulous. Sorry things are tumultuous right now. There is a lot of change for all of you with a new home and school...I am sure things will settle down once everyone finds a good routine :)


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