Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Make a wish

Today I am sharing my most recent creation, I love the incredible fall colors in Imaginisce's new Apple Cider collection.  I also used some of Core-dinations gemstones cardstock, It is a little hard to tell with my photo but I love the little bit of shimmer that it adds, it compliments the orange satin ribbon nicely. Plus it is the only shiny cardstock that I have found that I can easily print on. The cute little birdie is another one of My little bit of whimsy pins, the earthy colored ones are a perfect match for these papers.

I don't know about the rest of you but the idea of spending money to put my kid into a sport, only to have him hate it, frightens me a little. This winter I gave my son the choice of which sport he wanted to play. He chose hockey even though he had only been on the ice a couple times. I was so nervous that he would think it was too tough and want to quit. I would not want to force him to go, but that would have been way to much money to let him quit. I had no idea how much gear they had to have.

What would you do you do if your kid hated something that you paid money to sign him\her up for ? Do you let them quit, or force them to keep going?
 So far I am thrilled that he is making huge strides in skating and he is LOVING it {sigh of relief}. There were only a couple of moments where I was really worried.
How cute is he in all that gear {says biased Mommy}?



  1. Love these photos where the little ones blow at dandelion, your layout is very well designed, love it!

  2. this layout is the cutest!

    imo, i would make him finish the season b/c it's a commitment but would never force him the next season...unless you think he is going to get hurt...he is so CUTE in his gear (says biased mommy ;)

  3. Your layout is so cute.
    My daughter took dance and hated it. I let her quit. The teacher wasn't to happy, she told me that I should make her go to teach her about not quitting.
    My opinion was I wanted her to make her own choices in life, even with something as small as this.
    She has learned commitment and responsibilites in other ways. She is 21 and is a very responsible young adult.
    This is just my opinion, take it for what its worth.

  4. love your little sprays of pearls throughout the layout...simply lovely Lydia

  5. Sweet layout, love the design. And your little guy is SO cute in his gear. For me it would depend on why he/she wanted to quit. I took dance lessons every year growing up and there were so many times I didnt feel like going just because I was feeling lazy and my Mom made me and I am so glad she did. But if my kid was terrified and crying or something I probably would back down. It is crazy that you have to buy them so much when they will probably outgrow it all in less than a year. Sounds like he is enjoying it though, and it definitely makes for awesome photos :)

  6. so nice photos!!! Nice scrap-page!


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