Monday, July 25, 2011

Crafty Monday

Ok friends as promised today I've got some fun to share with you!! The Core'dinations gals and I were challenge to do a project with as many embossing folders as we could fit. I have never counted how many embossing folders that I have, like most of us I just bought ones that I love along the way. I was shocked to discover that I own almost 70, Oh my!! So I set to work creating this fun filled layout that uses, count em, 30 embossing folders!!

The best thing about this was that is was a FABULOUS use of scraps, the whole thing was created with bits and pieces from my scrap pile, the only whole piece of paper was the back ground.

This was also a great use of all those OA Stickers that I have, as you all know I have a weakness for OA. My collection was getting a little out of hand so I am making an effort to reach for them and not horde them.

What are you challenging yourself with right now? Give this challenge a try it was so much fun!!



  1. my new fav of yours I sooooooooooooooooooooo love it , the design, colours and embossing are just amazing!!!!!!!

  2. How long did that take you? What an eye-catching layout :)

  3. 70 embossing folders?? I am not in the least bit surprised, if i'm on the core team, I'd have triple that in NO TIME :) Adorable layout I tell ya!! Do I see OA campfire or doth my eyes deceive me? LOL, awesome work :)


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