Monday, August 15, 2011

Making it happen

Getting things done is a good feeling. July, as most of you know, was dreadful and after a month like that I needed a feeling of accomplishment or at least some semblance of control. So for the month of August I have been making things happen, spending more time with friends, going to the beach, finishing various tasks on our shop, gardening and making decisions that have been put off for far to long. All of this has made me feel much better however it has left little time for blogging and my computer. I have felt guilty for neglecting this blog over the summer months, but after some thought this is a good thing means I've been living. I'm techie kinda gal, always have been, sometimes  I think that it gets the better of me and I need to force myself  to step away from this machine and engage in life and love. So forgive me for my absence........I'm here, I am just taking life by the horns so that I have adventures to share with you through the pages.

Since de{vices} have been on my mind, I came up with this page for Core'dinations. Check out the border, I used my dymo labeller to create a binary code border.
 I tthought that was pretty clever!!

I hope that you are all busy having a wonderful summer and taking time to enjoy life to the fullest......take lots of pictures, fall is not to far away ;)



  1. i totally appreciated that the tech world can suck the hours out of the day like nothing else... go... enjoy your summer... enjoy your family... seize the day!!! and enjoy

  2. oooooooooo This is so cool I adore those colours together....

  3. Very cool! I never noticed that code border before when you posted this on the Core forum! That's sooo cool, girl! I love this page :)
    And I'm glad that you've been taking time this summer to experience life! I think that's a good idea for everyone!

  4. That little border is GENIOUS!!! Cute!

  5. Love this page - very cool!


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