Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Paper Trunk and Core

Paper Trunk was an awesome friend this month and sent us core gals a package of goodies to play with, I was immediately drawn to the beachy blues and charcoal and I thought the brand new core Kraft would be perfect to create a little torn sand castle. Also these are the new Core tags I was telling you about last post. 

Also check out the little flag on the castle, there is a story to this piece, this was a happy little whimsy bird once.........they are made cute and strong but apparently not strong enough to withstand a three year old playing "peck peck" So this little bird lost his beak....I could not bear to throw him out so when I went looking for a flag shape in my stash....I decided to use this and just pick his eyes off and give him a little sand. Voila a flag!!




  1. teehee I just love that birdie story LOL!!!
    and you know I love that sand castle it totally rocks my friend!

  2. Awesome layout--love the sand castle and story behind the flag lol!

  3. Love this Lydia ! Love the little castle


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