Monday, October 24, 2011

He had a blast...

This weekend was Tannin's Birthday, he has been excited about this event for months. He has asked me nearly everyday, "How many days till my Birthday Mom?" This year he requested a rocket birthday. You've seen the invitations that I made and pretty much everything was designed around that.

I think that he was really happy with the result and yes that is cake ALL over his face.

Here is his cake, I wish I had got a picture of the inside, it was a 4 layer chocolate, butter pecan, but the kids were all over it and it took all my hands to keep them back LOL!!

These were the Thank you for coming gifts, on the back of each tag it says Thank you for coming, you're outta this world

Cute refreshment little labels that I made.

These were the kids custom goody bags, the had a variety of cool toys to keep them busy during the party, everything with a rocket theme, Fun rocket launchers, bouncy balls, Rocket coloring pages, rocket candy, glow sticks and some cool rocket stickers

The kids hads so much fun and this Mom is tired......



  1. aww how fun... looks like he had a BLAST... great memory for him..

  2. Looks like a fabulous party!!! I love all the little details and that cake is fantastic.

  3. awesome! what a great mom you are building such memorable moments for your kids...


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