Monday, February 1, 2010

More CHA favorites

Going out for dinner with these gals was without a doubt  the highlight of my trip.

From left to right Me, Mindy Ayers, Kimber Mcgray, Paula Gilarde and Linda Beenson.

There was a huge amount of inspiration at the Jillibean soup booth, this booth has some of my favorite designers and was a hubub of activity. I got to meet up with fellow core gal Kimber Mcgray, I have to tell you that she is incredibly  warm and welcoming and an all round delightful person. Some of the Core gals managed to get together for some dinner and a laugh. It was a complete blast! Most of you will have seen this goodness on my blog already but I wanted to share these groovy new tags as well as some of the cool ideas that were in there booth.

Pebbles Inc. Got me feeling happy with this new collection, I love this color combination, so unique to anything else that I saw. Fabulous! Check out the whole collection here.
So I am having a few glitchy things with blogger as I try to load these photos please forgive the all over the place appearance as I try to fix it. More to come!!




  1. Wow, that photo brings back some really great memories! SOOOO happy to have had some time to get to know you and the others. LOVE your takes on CHA.


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