Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More CHA goodness and a layout

On my list of what was fabulous at CHA was a few collections over at GCD studio's booth. They had this great vintage tiki hut style booth that was awesome. Some of my favorite lines were Vintage Boy, love those rocket ships, I adore the bright fabulous colors in Smoothie shoppe, especially this watermelon paper, and also I thought that it was ridiculously cool that they had a collection named Lydia. Never thought in a million years that there would be a paper collection with my name. You know when you go to gift shops and stuff and they have these racks of pens pencils, keychains and what not, all with names on them? Do you ever think that they had my name. Nope!! Never!! Actually that is not quite true I found a keychain once in Switzerland with my name and a little caption on it written in german, but that did not happen till I was twenty!! The only other major Lydia that came about was in the eighties when Beatle Juice came out, don't ask me how many times I have heard jokes about that one or had people ask me to say his name three times. Anyways I am rambling!!
Also I got to playing with some of the new Core Impressions, and it is no surprise that one of the first ones that I reached for was this fabulous wood grain. After CHA my hubby flew down to meet me and we spent the next four days being big kids in Disney land. What better paper for Chipmunks than tree paper. So excited!
Products used Core-dinations Cardstock, Jillibean Soup Pattern Paper and Letter and Carstock stickers by October Afternoon.



  1. my parents wanted to name me Lydia! but then they looked through a baby book and liked ellen. i am in the same boat as you. before ellen degeneres every became famous, you could NEVER find my name, LOL!

    LOVE how you worked the new core ;) that wood grain rocks!

  2. Ooooh....lucky you. I've never found a collection with my name! (And with my luck, when they come up with one, it'll be fugly!)

  3. I love those pics...too funny! Great layout Lydia!

  4. Very nice! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I had a friend named Lydia, and we had a Lydia Ave. here in town.
    Whenever I look for my name it is usually spelled TracEy.

  6. It is pretty hard to beat that wonderful woodgrain embossed Core'dinations! It looks wonderful on your layout. Oh, and you have my last name spelled incorrect on your side bar!

  7. Fabulous page - can't wait to work with this sheet!


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