Friday, March 12, 2010

Back from the Carnival

So today I took a day trip and it was a little on the crazy but fabulous side. I woke up and had coffe and breakfast with the kids and around 7:00am. Out the dor by 8am and then I headed south to Victoria. Here's where it gets wacky. At my house it is raining 10 minutes away in Courtenay is is dry and 3.0 degrees. I drive for another ten minutes and it is now snowing snowflakes the size of my fist, No joke they were humungous, It snowed for the next half hour and now I am getting a little worried because for me to get to victoria I have to go over and mini mountain, so I am thinking the snow in gonna get a whole lot worse. But does that happen, Nope turns back to rain. I arrive in Victoria at about 11am and by the time I find a place to park it is bright, sunny and 11 degrees. CRAZY!!! Anyways I wanted to share a couple photos of this place with you guys, it was awesome!! I love this venue, it was so bright and wonderful, tons of natural light, so that you could actually see what you are buying.

The classroom space was top notch, it felt so open and not to mention they offered some great classes.
I was really happy to meet fellow Core gal Cari Locken, she is just as inspiring in person and I love getting the chance to meet the ladies I talk to online.
If you are an island gal I highly reccomend this event, I have it on good authority that is will be happening again next year. Plus the other bonus was that included in the ticket price was a sewing and quilting show. Now I am no quilter, but I after seeing some of the incredible things in there I may have to learn.



  1. Looks great, I'm heading down today!

  2. Sounds like you saw all the seasons while driving!!! Love your blog.

  3. Oh wow I'm jealous! That looks like so much fun and getting to play with Cari as well!

  4. NOw this is what I call a CROP

  5. I am SO happy that I got to meet you Lydia!!! You are just delightful and your smile is contagious. I only wish that we could have spent more time together. Next time! ;)


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