Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Blogiversary

Oh dear I actually missed it, I knew that is was coming up soon, but when I looked at the date that I started this blog on, It had actually passed. As of the 6th of March I have been blogging for one year. I can't believe that I have actually stuck with this!! It has been so much fun and I have met some seriously awesome scrappers. To celebrate my late party I whipped up a super quick card and wanted to give a couple of shout outs to some gals that have inspired me this last year, as I  discovered the world of blogging.

The inside of the card reads Sorry I missed your birthday, made with Coredinations cardstock. I just ran a couple of my sons puzzle pieces through my cuttle bug with a rubber mat, sanded and then cut them out!!

You know how there are just some poeple that you seem to connect with online, they leave a meaningful comment, ask a question or just have a very likable vibe that comes through even on a computer. These are some of the gals that have done that for me.

These are just a few of the ladies who rock the paper and scissors, it would take pages to list all the inspirational women I have come across, but I hope you will take the time to check out some of thier incredible work and stick around with me cause there is certainly more to come.




  1. Congratulations on your blogiversary, Lydia!! How creative to cuttlebug your sons puzzle :)

  2. Love the card. Great idea. I'm always forgetting people's birthdays, so I'll definitely be lifting it.
    And happy belated-blog-birth-day!
    Soooo sweet of you to shout me out. I treasure every comment you leave for me.
    Look forward to another year of inspiring layouts and blog love.

  3. Happy blogiversary! :)

    Love the card - very cute!

  4. Happy bloga-versary!

    I love Jing-Jing and Juliana too!!!

  5. Totally cute card and Happy Blogiversary!

  6. Happy Blogiversary! Keep on blogging I have enjoyed following your blog since I came across it about a month ago.

  7. Wow! Very nice card and Happy Blogiversary! Mine is March 26


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